"I know just how hard it is to put on a show, and when things just work, it seems so easy, but it takes huge organization and execution. That is what Swift Group provides."

— Chief Technical Officer,
Microsoft Services

Our Projects

2016 Acumatica Summit:

Swift Group managed the 600+ customer and partners Summit where attendees had 5 days of sessions, networking events and meetings. Swift Group managed every single detail ranging from presentation content, speakers, registration, communications, event flow, and even some side parties.

Web Services Marketplace:

Swift Group provided the marketing and program management expertise to increase downloads of AWS Partner solutions, generate awareness of partner products and solutions on AWS, and drive new and existing sales leads to partner solutions on AWS Marketplace.

Learning and Development Training Programs:

Swift Group effectively manages the Learning and Development (L&D) training programs to include: class registration system, pre- and post-class communications, tracking, and support for smooth and effective execution of all L&D classes. Swift Group also manages reservations, maintains participation reports, and analyze feedback surveys to improve value and long-term success of the program.

Bring Your Kids to Work Day:

This annual 10,000 person event at Microsoft allows employees to expose their children to their work life. Swift Group designed and have executed Bring Your Kids To Work Day for the past several years. Swift Group's responsibilities include keynote management, designing all of the hands-on experiences for parents and their children and of course, making sure it is a perfectly-coordinated fun family day. Our goal is to help Microsoft employee’s children want to work at Microsoft someday.  

Career Compass:

Swift Group manages the 150-person event series that is comprised of high-end Microsoft managers and their delegates in a HR-based program called Career Compass. Swift Group is responsible for organizing the four events throughout the year where the managers meet with their direct reports. Swift Group manages the logistics, the facilitation company, and communications to the all attendees and the management team.  

Channel Summit:

This high-level event brings 200 of Microsoft’s channel marketing teams from around the world to Seattle to collaborate, learn, share, and grow as a team. Swift Group has developed the strategy for this four-day event which includes C-level speakers and unique, memorable ancillary activities.

CIO Summit:

For several years, Swift Group has program managed, led communications, and supported the content lead for the Microsoft Global CIO Summit. This exclusive Summit caters to approximately 125 global CIOs from companies on the Fortune 500, Forbes 500, America’s top 50 private companies, and companies invited to the Global CEO Summit. 


DigiGirlz is a junior and high school based STEM program that Microsoft delivers around the world.  Swift group sits on the global management team and executes the onsite DigiGirlz HighTech Camp that takes place in Redmond, WA. Working closely with worldwide coordinators and understanding their needs, Swift Group is helping DigiGirlz become a worldwide & local success.  

Diversity and Inclusion Learning Deliveries:

Swift Group proudly represents the Microsoft Diversity and Inclusion team by organizing learning and delivery programs for their valued Microsoft employees. This includes managing worldwide programs showcasing how to value differences, seek them out, invite them in. The result is to examine and understand unconscious biases that shape communication style, decision making, and behaviors. Swift Group works with worldwide Microsoft offices understanding their diverse needs and manages a facilitation company who delivers the valuable training sessions.  

Microsoft Architecture Summit:

Swift Group has managed the Microsoft Architecture Summit for the past seven years. This 2-day event brings 400 software architects together for education and networking.  Swift Group manages the registration, speakers, content and attendee engagement activities.

Microsoft 365 Compete:

Swift Group crafts the strategy, creation and execution of Microsoft 365 compete messaging and content positioning enterprise-level solutions against competitor products to drive sales and market share. Swift Group also manages the internal compete page for the field, as well as concept creation and development of public-facing website as part of global customer nurture stream.

Microsoft Ready:

Swift Group has worked with the Worldwide Communities team, in the Microsoft  Services Organization, for the last 18 deliveries of TechReady (now referred to as Microsoft Ready) managing their networking lounge and ancillary events such as the new OpenHack (a 3 day coding track) with 350 people in attendance. 

Microsoft Services Executive Board:

Swift Group manages the Microsoft Services Executive Board (SEB) for the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Services. This is a high touch program with white-glove treatment given to every aspect. Swift Group oversees the recruiting of members, communications with board members, agenda and speaker management, and the logistics for the biannual board meetings. Swift Group also manages member interaction, meeting logistics and content on the SEB Web portal and mobile app.

Art & Science Fair
Swift group works with the Pixar Renderman team to deliver a top-notch Art & Science Fair at the annual SIGGRAPH conference. The fair is a multi-faceted event with 1500 attendees from around the world who gather to see the latest from Pixar and Renderman. Swift Group oversees the annual event from strategy planning to onsite management of registration, content, expo floor, partner involvement, stage presentation, and team building. 

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"I know just how hard it is to put on a show, and when things just work, it seems so easy, but it takes huge organization and execution. That is what Swift Group provides."

— Chief Technical Officer,
Microsoft Services